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Welcome to oneSolar. We pride ourselves in quality solar water heating installations, giving customers the best quality products to suit their solar needs. We install a wide range of solar heating systems, ranging from top end state-of-the-art products to proven affordable systems ranging from solar geysers to collectors and many other products. For our full range of solar products on offer, browse our list of solar products to learn more about the various options that we provide and install. We install different technologies and different configurations to suit your house structure and hot water demand pattern.

To ensure a high standard of service and quality, oneSolar maintains good quality installations by owner managed installation units across the Western and Eastern Cape. Our central procurement department ensures world-class products at competitive prices, ensuring exceptional value for money for our customers. Our solar heating competence centre ensures that oneSolar installers are a step ahead of our competitors, bringing our customers the best products at all times.

Solar Panals

Research and development at the oneSolar test centre and our own firsthand experience have guided us to proven technologies in the solar power field. We utilise both flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors to harvest energy directly from the sun. We use only quality bronze and copper fittings with our installations to ensure longer life expectancy of all our systems.

oneSolar utilises different configurations to suit your needs. We install pumped systems, thermo siphon systems, split systems and close coupled systems. Additionally, we also install direct or indirect systems depending on the water quality. Most of our large systems are decentralised, but we have also installed large centralised systems with huge storage tanks.

Where the sun or the space is not sufficient for Solar we offer Heatpumps in all sizes.
For those wanting to go one step further we offer Photovoltaic Installations (with or without grid connection) as well.

oneSolar has a proven track record in the solar water industry and we can put you in contact with a oneSolar installer in your area. To find a solar installer in your area, visit our list of oneSolar network installers. Feel free to contact a local solar specialist to discuss the various options for solar water heating systems on offer from oneSolar.


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