Andre D.

System Specifications

I lived in Pringle Bay for a year before purchasing a home there, and two significant issues became clear in the area. Firstly, the infrastructure is lacking, evident from frequent power outages we experienced about five times last year, highlighting the need for a more reliable solution. Secondly, there was the challenge of load shedding.

To achieve greater independence, I opted for a robust energy solution. I installed a slightly larger system than necessary to ensure continuous power supply when the infrastructure in the area failed and during Eskom outages. During summer, we generate surplus energy, and on sunny winter days, we are nearly self-sufficient. I also plan to make household adjustments to enhance energy efficiency, such as replacing my geyser with a heat pump to reduce power consumption.

The solution of solar panels and a large battery system for energy was straightforward and practical. Installing the necessary infrastructure to meet our energy requirements was an easy decision to make.

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