System Specifications

As a prestigious 5-star guesthouse, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for our discerning guests is paramount. By February 2023, it became evident that Eskom’s downtime was escalating, posing a significant challenge to maintaining our high standards. Our guests, who pay premium rates, rightfully expect a seamless experience without any electricity disruptions.

Initially, we installed a modest 5 kW system to power essential communal areas such as lighting, garage doors, pool, Wi-Fi, and general lighting, which we referred to as phase 1, this was not installed by oneSolar. However, recognising the need for a comprehensive solution, we decided to extend solar power to all four apartments on the property. With each apartment equipped with its own electrical box and a 3-phase power line feeding into the property, we opted for a centralised solar system to streamline operations.

Amidst consultations with multiple suppliers, oneSolar stood out by providing a detailed specification, transparent pricing, and a clear timeline for implementation. Installing the solar system was seamless, with oneSolar efficiently converting four separate electrical systems into a unified setup and coordinating with the municipality for a connection to the main line. Additionally, the choice of Victron inverters was a priority for us, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

We prominently feature our solar independence from Eskom in our guesthouse advertisements, enhancing the overall guest experience. Feedback from our guests confirms the positive impact of our solar initiative, contributing to their satisfaction during their stay.

Personally, I am delighted with the system’s performance. Our electricity bills have decreased significantly, and we now have ample capacity to sustain operations during Eskom’s downtime. Utilising a dedicated app on my phone, I efficiently manage our energy consumption, ensuring minimal disruption during power outages. Our predominantly international clientele appreciates our proactive approach to addressing South Africa’s power challenges, further enhancing their stay with us.

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