System Specifications

In the pursuit of energy independence, our journey faced a unique challenge as tenants renting the building. The landlord’s concerns about lease issues and potential conflicts of interest arose when considering adding solar infrastructure to the property. However, the compelling cost-saving potential of grid-tied solar solutions became a common ground, prompting discussions with the building owner.

Collaborating closely with oneSolar, a series of meetings were conducted to address concerns and showcase the benefits of our proposed solar system. The primary focus was on a sophisticated design incorporating PV panels, batteries, and an inverter – a setup that offered complete independence from the grid.

Our gym’s distinctive energy demand, resembling that of a residence due to evening consumption patterns, required a tailored solution. The design included batteries capable of sustaining operations for two hours, seamlessly transitioning to a generator when needed. This strategic approach ensured uninterrupted power during peak hours, reducing our reliance on traditional grid power.

Financially, the shift to solar yielded tangible results. Our monthly expenditure dropped from an estimated R30,000 to a more manageable R15,000. While consumption patterns evolved the overall savings and reduced environmental impact are evident.

With five successful installations by oneSolar at our residences, we can attest to the reliability and efficiency of their solutions. Our gym’s journey towards energy sustainability not only overcame landlord challenges but also exemplifies the positive impact of a well-designed solar system on both operational efficiency and financial bottom lines.


Managing Director: Robert Breyer

Gym Director: Chevaan Patience

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