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At the heart of our decision to explore alternative energy solutions was a simple yet urgent need: to mitigate the crippling effects of Eskom’s frequent power outages on our production capacity. As a 24-hour operation, maintaining uninterrupted workflow was paramount.

After thorough research and strategic planning, it became evident that solar energy was our optimal choice. Not only did it align with our commitment to environmental responsibility, but it also offered a cost savings—a crucial factor in today’s volatile energy market.

By embracing solar power, we’ve significantly reduced our reliance on the grid, thus insulating ourselves from the escalating costs imposed by Eskom. While our savings may not fully reflect the increased tariffs, the financial benefits are tangible, safeguarding us from exorbitant energy bills.

Moreover, the transition to solar energy has alleviated the operational challenges posed by downtime. No longer do our staff endure the logistical hassle of commuting during odd hours to capitalise on sporadic power availability. This not only ensures smoother operations but also preserves job security—a testament to our commitment to our workforce.

Additionally, our proactive approach to sustainability has earned accolades from our clients, who recognise the ripple effect of reliable production throughout the supply chain. Their encouragement further fuelled our resolve to embrace renewable energy.

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