Happy Hounds

System Specifications

Our Commitment to Sustainability at Happy Hounds: My animals are my family, and I strive to live in a way that minimises my earthly footprint. At Happy Hounds, we embrace this ethos wholeheartedly. With a hand on my heart, I can say that Happy Hounds truly lives and breathes sustainability—our dog food is made from sunshine!

Here’s how: All veg is sourced from 22 micro certified organic farmers, all proteins are ethically sourced and traceable, all packaging is recyclable, and all our food is produced using solar panels expertly installed by oneSolar on our roof.

In the past, inconsistent power supply created significant challenges for our business. Our kitchen team struggled to maintain production, leading to stock issues. Keeping food frozen was difficult, resulting in wastage and the need to discard spoiled items. This often left us with insufficient stock for our customers, exacerbated by the mechanical issues of freezers during power outages.

However, since transitioning to solar power and achieving full energy independence, these issues are a thing of the past. Happy Hounds now operates seamlessly, standing as a testament to sustainable practices. We ensure reliable and uninterrupted service, guaranteeing the well-being of our cherished animals and the satisfaction of our customers.

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