James Ord – Red Earth Projects – Monwana

System Specifications

For nearly six years, my partnership with oneSolar Cape Town has been instrumental in realising the vision of countless projects. From the inception of Monwana, a significant undertaking managed by our company, to subsequent ventures in lodges and hotels, oneSolar has consistently delivered unmatched expertise and support.

What sets oneSolar apart is their deep understanding of our unique challenges, particularly in remote areas where self-sufficiency in power is paramount. Collaborating closely with a team of engineers, we co-create bespoke solar power solutions tailored to the exacting standards of 5/6-star lodges. Their guidance and technical prowess have been indispensable, ensuring that even in the most isolated locations, our guests enjoy unrivalled comfort and luxury.

As leaders in crafting exceptional experiences in remote settings, we rely on oneSolar’s unparalleled expertise to design and implement cutting-edge solar power systems. With their partnership, we can confidently continue our mission of delivering unparalleled hospitality amidst the world’s most pristine landscapes.

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