System Specifications

Our solar solution was tailored to address the unique challenges we faced on our 5-acre property. Initially equipped with a 5k inverter for essential needs, we encountered issues during load shedding, especially concerning the irrigation systems connected to the two boreholes.

Being off the grid for water, we relied on borehole water filtered for consumption. Load shedding disrupted irrigation timers, making it challenging to track watering schedules. The water pump for the house ceased to function during power outages, leaving us without both electricity and water. To mitigate this, we had the option to switch back to mains, but the inconvenience led us to explore a more sustainable solution.

Our extensive solar system, crafted through collaboration with an electrician and oneSolar, includes a 45kWh battery, three invertors that caters to a daily usage of 110kWh. With a hefty initial electricity bill of R15,000 a month we have drastically reduced it to R3,000.

The system has proven robust and reliable since installation, successfully overcoming the challenges posed by load shedding. Although we acknowledge there are still improvements to be made at home, such as geyser timers and transitioning to LED lights, the overall experience has been positive.

Our unique roof, characterised by a steep pitch, presented a challenge for installation. However, the oneSolar team navigated this difficulty with expertise, utilising ropes and special ladders to complete the task. Their efficiency and commitment ensured a smooth process, leaving us satisfied with the outcome.

In light of the persistent threat of load shedding, we view our solar investment not only as a cost-effective solution but also as a commitment to sustainability. Despite the initial challenges, the decision to go off the grid has proven to be a wise and beneficial choice for our property.

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