Owls Rest

System Specifications

The client originally had a UPS system from oneSolar featuring an 8 kVA Victron Inverter and two 3.5 kWh Pylontech batteries, providing a total of 7 kWh battery capacity. In 2023, we expanded this system by adding two additional 3.5 kWh batteries, increasing the total battery capacity to 14 kWh. This upgrade enabled the client to sustain power during load shedding.

In 2024, the client opted to upgrade their existing 8 kVA UPS system to a three-phase configuration, while integrating solar panels into the new setup. The system now includes three 8 kVA Victron Inverters, along with a 3 kW Fronius Inverter. Our team in Cape Town installed 10 x 550W Canadian solar panels on the client’s roof. These panels have the capacity to generate up to 5500 kW during peak summer conditions. This upgrade allows the client to efficiently manage battery cycling, reducing their electricity expenses. Additionally, surplus power can be exported back to the grid, further enhancing energy savings.

Victron has demonstrated its exceptional customisation capabilities once more, remaining the most flexible system available. Both old and new Victron inverters are compatible, allowing for seamless integration. Victron inverters can transition from single phase to three phase and can be multiplied as needed. Furthermore, the system can accommodate solar arrays of any size, provided they adhere to regulatory guidelines.

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