Q-Square, Worcester

System Specifications

Since 2018, our journey towards sustainable energy has been guided by oneSolar’s expertise. Our solar installation started modestly, gradually expanding as our cash flow allowed. We’ve come to rely on oneSolar for specifications, receiving friendly and professional advice along with exceptional service.

Our satisfaction with the current system is evident – it functions seamlessly, thanks to the knowledgeable and friendly on-site team. As we embark on installing our next system, the team continues to impress with their expertise and efficiency.

The latest addition to our setup involves a generator integrated with the solar system, designed to optimise diesel costs. Operating collaboratively, the generator kicks in when needed, and the solar system takes over if the generator workload exceeds 30%. While still in the testing phase, early signs are promising, and in about 3 to 4 months, we’ll have a clearer picture of its effectiveness.

For commercial buildings like ours – a small convenience centre – the cost-saving potential of solar power is substantial. Generating and selling power back to the tenants, coupled with the avoidance of downtime due to a robust infrastructure, contributes to significant fuel cost reductions. Our setup prioritises PV without batteries, and the integration of a generator allows tenants to share the generator usage costs.

We are confident that our sustainable approach not only benefits our bottom line but also supports the broader environmental goals. oneSolar’s guidance has been instrumental in our solar journey, and we look forward to continued success as we evolve towards greater energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

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