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Facing frequent load shedding with my small 5 kVA inverter system became increasingly frustrating as South Africa’s power woes escalated. Determined to regain control, I resolved that the one thing I could manage would be my electricity setup, ensuring I never had to worry about Eskom again. Refusing to compromise on appliance functionality during outages, I undertook a comprehensive overhaul of my home to operate independently of Eskom, ensuring all appliances could function seamlessly with our new solar installation.

Despite my initial lack of understanding about available solar systems, a recommendation led me to oneSolar. I emphasised to them my desire to live in South Africa without being constantly irritated by electricity supply issues. Following two weeks of meticulous monitoring of our electricity consumption, oneSolar crafted a tailored solution to meet our needs.

Taking ownership of our power supply has been paramount in eradicating the frustrations we face in South Africa. Sustained by our success, I’m now exploring solar solutions for our holiday home, where we also encounter water and power issues.

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