System Specifications

Motivated by cost savings and a desire for energy independence, my journey began with the installation of a generator in my house. My power needs encompassed heating systems, a pool, and various appliances, contributing to a significant monthly bill from the council. I needed a solar power solution – a decision driven by both environmental consciousness and financial cautiousness.

The focus was on achieving independence during load shedding while cutting down on electricity expenses. The strategy involved a combination of solar panels and a battery system. During sunny hours, the solar panels harvest energy, minimising reliance on the council. The battery system ensures uninterrupted power for a few hours, reducing the need for the generator.

The meticulous design process was a collaborative effort, with a clear vision of what I wanted and didn’t want. Despite limitations on roof space, we strategically installed 38 panels, maximising the potential for energy generation. The result is a 1000m² house that remains independent during load shedding, showcasing substantial savings.

The impact on my bill is noteworthy – over 17 months, the average monthly bill decreased to R4700. The installation of an oil-fired boiler for heating, coupled with a careful design that prioritises energy efficiency, led to a significant reduction in the annual fuel bill compared to previous times.

This journey towards a sustainable and independent home was guided by a thoughtful approach to design, harnessing solar power efficiently, and achieving both financial savings and environmental goals.

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