Our Solutions

A bird’s eye view of the types of solutions we offer:

We pay close attention to every client’s unique needs, painstakingly designing solutions that maximise the available solar energy in each residential and commercial property we touch. Our clients provide valuable input in the final design of their system, contributing to a solar solution they feel entirely comfortable with.

Thanks to almost two decades in the solar business, we know energy needs change over time. Throughout each stage, we remain committed to the systems we install, ensuring they keep functioning optimally to deliver a high return on investment.

Standard Home

Cost-effective solutions to start your path towards energy autonomy for your home.

Tailored Home

Solar solutions for your home to satisfy your unique energy needs and aspirations for energy independence.

Commercial Savings

Your answer to securing cost-efficient energy solutions for your business, increasing your cash flow with every sunny day.

Commercial Independence

Reliable solar energy solutions allowing you to focus on your core business.

Future Modification

Extending, optimising, or moving your current solar system to suit your changing needs.

We provide tailor-made systems, expert knowledge, and satisfying, long-term partnerships. Start your oneSolar journey today.

A closer look at our solutions

Choose your solution and we’ll design a bespoke system that suits your unique solar needs.

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