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About Us

oneSolar has been established in 2008 by Wehrner Kohn. Wehrner has been spending 8 years abroad before returning to South Africa where he was looking for a new challenge. The energy sector has been proven to be such a challenge and Wehrner’s background as an Industrial Engineer has equipped him well for the area of optimisation and quantification.

The rising energy cost has placed more emphasis on investing in newer and more efficient equipment. The trick is to invest first and then reap the benefits over years.  This is why we select our products based on their efficiency and life expectancy. It does not always come as the cheapest solution but your investment makes only sense, if you can reap the benefits well over and above the pay-back period.

oneSolar’s focus has always been a high level of quality – in product as well as in installations. We are part of several programmes and meet all necessary requirements in electrical or plumbing standards.

Our professional sales consultants, project managers and installers have sound experience in all aspects of the installation. The Solar Industry is a new and wide area of knowledge. We provide ongoing knowledge transfer and training to our consultants and installers to equip them with the necessary skills to do the job and to improve their competence.

For our customers we provide a well-designed and tailored solution and deliver what we promise.

Our Values

Return on Investment
Only a long lasting and high performance product will actually give you a return on your investment. We therefore carefully select our products and research new technologies to improve the return on investment of our customers.

The Solar Market has been a heaven for fly-by-night installers who penetrate the market with cut-throat margins. Unfortunately their customers often sit later with no support for their system. We are a well-established business with several teams and more than 5000 installations to date. Our customers have the benefit of ongoing support for their system – be it for emergency services, maintenance, extensions or new requirements.
We are around to help them.

Competence and Skills is nothing one has, when deciding to become a Solar Installer.
There is little official and professional training available. Most skills are earned simply by doing. We pride ourselves to have very little turnover in staff which makes them some of the most experienced consultants and installers around. We offer ongoing training and knowledge transfer and we have seen and handled almost any possible scenario already.


oneSolar is a member of the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA).
SESSA’s main aim is to promote and increase the use of renewable energy and facilitate and drive the creation and maintenance of appropriate standards for products, methods and training. oneSolar has been a member of SESSA since it’s interception in 2008.

oneSolar’s plumbers are members of the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB).
PIRB monitors compliance of technical standards in the plumbing industry through inspections thereby enforcing plumbing compliance.

oneSolar is accredited by the City of Cape Town’s Solar Water Heating Programme.
The programme helps residents by carefully vetting service providers and accrediting those meeting rigorous standards for their competence, quality of products used, quality of installation, customer service, maintenance and other aspects of their business.
oneSolar has been part of this programme since it’s interception in 2013.


oneSolar is present in the locations listed below. We are currently expanding our Network….

Cape TownPort ElizabethHermanusPaarl
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